Báo cáo thị trường bất động sản châu Âu năm 2019

Foreign individuals are not allowed to acquire land located in smaller islands, or listed territories adjacent to the Russian border. Once you have found your desired property, a “pre-purchase protocol” is drawn either by the parties or the Notary. A pre-purchase protocol is the sale-purchase agreement that commits you and the seller to the property sale, and usually requires the payment of a 10% deposit. The sale-purchase must be notarized. The pre-purchase protocol is immediately binding and under Estonian law there is no opt-out period. The Notary also prepares the Transfer of the Ownership of the Real Estate and the parties sign it at the notary´s office. The next step is to pay the stamp duty at a commercial bank prior to apply for registration. There are no property deeds in Estonia. A notarized application is made to the Land Register to transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer in the Land Register Book. After this process, the title is legally valid. Public notice of the transfer must be published in the Official State Gazette, though this is does not affect the ownership title, the publication process is almost automatic.

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